Coach TIZ

2. Coach Tiz ( Financial Foundation- Financial Security )

What Coach Tiz will be coaching ?

A. Money Making Machine
~ Well basically in Financial Security Stage, user are going to have AT LEAST A 6 MONTH SAVINGS of Monthly Expenses Figure, so Coach Tiz will show a great technique that can make sure the user easily achieve the target called the ‘ Money Making Machine ‘

B. My Success Journal
~ This is more like the user’s diary on what they go through in their daily life.

~ It consist of 7 page differently for the user to fill up, which is :-

i) Different Things Everyday
ii) The Bad Memory
iii) The Binggo Moment
iv) Today’s Sale
v) What Did Go Wrong
vi) What Did Went Well
vii) Things To Improve

C. Natural Born Millionaire Mindset ( NABOMM )
~ Everyone is naturally born to have a Millionaire Mindset. That is what Coach Tiz want to let the user feels in the lesson.

~ The user will have to commit something different everyday in order to ‘SPARK THE REAL MAGIC OF BECOMING A MILLIONAIRE.